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The long promised speed alert sign will be in place during the next couple of months. After reams of paperwork and jumping very high hurdles – bearing in mind that the sign was agreed to be totally justified months ago by the County Council, and our Parish Council is footing the bill to try and keep us safer – it has been a frustrating slog but the sign has now been ordered. Our Parish Council is able to fund many community needs as 40% of its income is over and above precept, and this is how this project has been paid for. Drivers are urged again to respect life and law by keeping to the designated speed limit – 20 m.p.h. please.

The village green is to be spruced up during this spring budget has been found as described above. Timing will be subject to the contractor’s availability, but the work has been ordered and hopefully it will be completed by the beginning of May.

The current Homepage slideshow shows photos of early spring flowers all taken in the parish.Three of these are of the village green, which has been made to look so decorative by Buckland Brewer Gardening Club – thanks to all those who have cared for this space and other areas around the village entrance signs.

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Count Down starts in 3 weeks

Hopefully at least one of our readers, being registered to vote in this parish, will have decided to throw their hat in the ring to become a parish councillor. It is so important - those who are already serving and have opted to stand for further service will need the support. Those standing aside have done more than their fair share for the community – time for the new order. And of course, that means you.

The first date for your diary will be March 6th. Registration of nomination papers will be from March 20th. For more exact information, together with a breakdown of timescales  and what to do (both prospective councillors and voters) click here

If all else fails and you simply want a bit of hands on help, why not call any one of your present parish councillors who will gladly guide you through the process. Their contact details can be found within the parish councillor section on this site.

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C461 Road Closure - this will happen on Monday 18th Feb

The more devoted reader may have already spotted a notice posted within our road closure section. However as this one has the potential to be really disruptive I felt it wise to give it some bigger “air time”. Click here to view the attachment in full.
In a nutshell, the road which leads from Hoopers Water and contains Whitehall/Edgemill Cottages (C461) will be closed between 18th February and 8th March.

There are a number of inconveniencing road closures going on or imminent - click here to be taken directly to our "Road Closures" tab.

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