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Latest News

Hall AGM



Editor's note - Public participation is important as this is a registered charity - try and make time for this one.The meeting will be in the hall.

To view agenda for this meeting, click here

To view draft minutes 2018 AGM, click here

To view website page for Buckland Brewer Hall, click here

Read more

General Election 12th December 2019

In a nutshell:-

Thursday, November 14, 4pm - candidates have until this time to submit their nominations, with a list of nominated candidates to be published by 5pm that day if there are no objections, and by 4pm the following day if there are some.

Tuesday 26th November - The public have until this time to register to vote. IF YOU ARE UNSURE whether you are registered to vote, or you need to get a postal vote, or you want to check any part of your voting eligibility, contact Torridge District Council. Click here for fuller details on the TDC website, or phone 01237 428739.

December 12th Voting day: * 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. - *your polling station will be Buckland Brewer Hall and will be open to take your vote. * this is currently assumed and is to be confirmed

Buckland Brewer is part of Torridge and West Devon constituency

As at time of writing this article, candidates who have declared their intention to stand in our constituency are:(In alphabetical order):

Liberal Democrats – David Chalmers

Conservatives - Geoffrey Cox

Labour – Siobhan Strode

If and as things change and items marked * become confirmed, website will endeavour to keep readers up to date.

Click here for a link to Devon Live which gives a much broader perspective (pan-Devon) of candidates and key dates.

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An invitation to get creative this coming Christmas

Not so very far away now - thoughts will be turning to this special time of year.

In recent years there has been a Christmas tree festival in the parish church, but a new challenge is planned for 2019. Groups/organisations/individuals are invited to create a nativity scene which alludes to them or their organisation.

Was Mary a keen knitter? Was Joseph a gardener? Did the shepherds play bowls whilst watching their flocks?

Visitors to the church will be encouraged to vote for their favourite and a small prize will be awarded to the winner.

Please contact Betty on 01237 451132 to advise if you wish to take part, and a place will be marked for you. A sparkling effect would be wonderful so use as much "bling" as you like, and battery lights are welcome too!

The scene must be ready by 14th December.

Good luck to everyone taking part.

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