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Latest News

Extra Time for our Saturday bus

Great news - the availability of the Saturday bus is to be extended until 15th September (see Essentials/Transport for details).

This extra time will properly allow members at the next Parish Council meeting (12th September) to discuss usage and benefit to the community, and whether the bus will then be subsidised to enable it to run until Christmas.

Do take advantage of this extra couple of weeks. Website will advise you as soon as possible what Parish Council decides regarding its future availability.

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The Winds of Change

Many of you will be wondering where 2018 has gone – we are now nearly 2/3 of the way through – that’s nearly 8 months since New Year’s Eve. In another 8 months we shall be preparing for elections - in other words, before we know it. District Council (more of that in another article to come) and Parish Council places will need to be filled.

This Parish Council has worked hard and served the parish well, and change is very much in the air. There are places for 9 councillors, and 2 councillors have already declared that they will not stand again. One of these is your current Chair.

It’s time for the next generation of community servers to step up to the plate. If people don’t choose to serve in this way, then ultimately our democracy becomes diminished.

Have you got what it takes to be a parish councillor? You probably have, but just never considered it. Maybe you thought many of this  community's special benefits such as Education Fund, Parish Council grants etc. happened without planning, debate and effort. Every planning application passes through the hands of our Parish Council - the ultimate planning authority doesn't always agree with their views, but due deference is always given.

To understand what’s involved in representing the wider interest of all of this parish (which is sometimes not at all easy),speak to any one of the current 9 councillors. Jim Lowe is always happy to take your call and offer guidance - 01237 451193. See Parish Council/Meet Your Councillors for more details.

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Educational Support Fund

As we did in 2017, the Parish Council is making financial grants to students of all ages who fulfil certain conditions.If you are 16 or over (no upper age limit), and have been resident in the parish for at least a year, then you may find a grant of use to further your education.

Click here for full details, terms and conditions, or if in doubt call me for an informal chat, no promises, on 01237 451193.

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