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Buckland Brewer Playing Field

The playing field, sited next to the allotments at the "top" of the village, is a very popular and well-used facility that is not provided by any of the public/council bodies and is not publicly funded.

The land itself reverts to a private landowner, and is managed by a trust which consists of three trustees and a (sub) committee, all volunteers, known as the Playing Field Association.

The committee retains day to day responsibility for maintenance of the area and for raising sufficient funds annually to ensure that the playing field is in a suitable condition to permit the public to use it.
£1,350 is needed every year to ensure the facility continues – much of this money pays for public liability insurance and grass cutting.
For more information contact the Secretary Teresa Hector 01237 451669

To get a further understanding of the work done on behalf of the community by the committee, click on the link/s below.

Minutes Nov 2017

Druing the summer months, you will find free of charge for your use a volleyball net (& ball), Petanque boules (complete with a newly made area) & miniature football nets.Please use and enjoy them.There is limited parking just outside the playing field.These were paid for by a grant received from Saunton Wind, following the erection of a wind turbine in the parish.

There is still a play area for younger children, created several years ago by hard work from the Committee and a large grant from the Lottery Fund.

Note to dog walkers - for many years dog owners have been permitted to use the playing field, and for a similar number of years the Playing Field Committee has been soul searching, debating whether to allow this to continue. At the moment dog walkers are still welcome on the field.However, please bear in mind the fact the during spring/summer 2017 considerable investment has been made to benefit the people of this community and to encourage healthy exercise & social activity by adults and children alike. As you use this facility, please respect this and the following set of facts:

Canine faeces left on fields & farmland poses a serious threat to humans and livestock (the local economy if you like) by transmitting diseases such as neosporosis (and this includes the bacterial traces even after you’ve cleared up).There are recent reports of horses dying due to eating large quantities of plastic bags of dog mess, attracted by the smell of the bags. Dog poo left unbagged is equally bad. Even if you had no qualms about whether it did or didn’t spoil the countryside, it enriches the ground with phosphates and nitrates which is bad for our wildlife – they like low nutrient soils, not super-enriched ones. Thus slowly the wildlife is eroded.
There are about half a dozen dog poo bins dotted around the village, emptied each week, and ultimately paid for you in your taxation,as well as a new one at the end of the path leading past the new hall to Hillpark.It seems poor economy not to use them. Over and above that, you actually could be fined for not clearing up after your dog (and before the laughter starts, should your primary concern here simply be not getting caught?). Next time you feel you can’t be bothered to dispose of your dog’s mess responsibly, consider the consequences both short and long term and ask yourself “was the excuse I just made to myself really good enough?”. Please clear up after your dog, dispose of the mess responsibly, and encourage those less conscientious than you to do likewise - thank you.