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Buckland Brewer Parish Council

From February 14, 2018 19:30 until February 14, 2018 21:30
Posted by Pat Blosse
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Business to be transacted at the meeting:

627. Apologies for Absence
628. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 25th January 2018
629. Declarations of interest
630. Public Participation
631. Clerk’s Report:
a. Correspondence
b. Big Things Project
c. Churchyard Path
d. Preparations for the Annual Parish Meeting
632. Fields and Allotments
a. Works to School & Amenity Fields
b. School Field Rental Agreement
c. Other Field and Allotment Issues
633. Village Hall Update, Marie Douglas: Receipt of Annual Accounts, Annual Grant
634. 3rd Age Activities, Elisa Hurley
635. Plastic Waste
636. Flashing Speed Signs and Wireless Monitoring Systems/TAP Fund Arrangements
637. Devon County Traffic Sensitive Street Review, Consultation
638. Parish Plan, Report of the Meeting Held on 31st January 2018
639. Snow Warden’s Report
640. Members’ Reports
641. Accounts:
a. Receipts and Payments