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Black sacks – every other week on a Monday, the next time (after early today, 16th July) being Monday 30th July. DON’T PUT ORGANIC WASTE I.E. UNUSED COOKED FOOD IN THE SACKS ANY MORE (if you do, a fortnight’s wait for collection could create nasty niffs).
Green wheelie bins – fortnightly BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE PAID YOUR £35 AND PLACED THE “TDC PAID” STICKER ON IT. Next collection Tuesday 17th July. If you want your green wheelie bin collected and haven’t paid, contact Torridge District Council 01237 428700. No payment, no collection.
Normal recycling (cans, bottles, paper, plastics etc). Weekly as before every Tuesday. The only change is you are asked to put glass in the black bin, not the green one where you put everything else.
The new little green bins – these take your organic waste (so the smelly stuff isn’t lying about for 2 weeks). Weekly on a Tuesday, place out with your other recycling. You can buy liners but using old newspaper as a liner works just as well.

As fuel prices rise then this does significantly reduce the number of miles (and there are a lot of miles - Richard "Haste the Waste" did inform us, I simply can't remember)the waste wagons trundle weekly across Torridge, thus reducing the cost of running the vehicles. There is a possibility that there are less emissions too.

This deserves a "hurrah" - every Tuesday night in the hall, starting at 7.00 p.m. For everyone from the creaking and totally useless (like me), to the experienced player. Give it a go.

All you need to do is turn up with suitable footwear (clean trainers, that type of thing) to accommodate other users.

£3 a session and membership is (at time of going to press) likely to run from 1st April-31st March annually, set at £15.

Robin & Lynda are to be congratulated for their determination to get this project off the ground.

For contact information see Activities and Societies, Buckland Brewer Badminton Club

The Community Shop has just had its AGM – click here for the full brief. The underlying message is that they need 3 things and they need them now:- A treasurer, volunteers to help serve, and more customers. The shop will be a long time gone and no open meetings of protest from non-customers will save it – only you can by getting involved before it's too late.
Loss of the shop will disadvantage a good number of our older residents and to those who don’t think this affects them, consider this – it will affect the value of your property, and it won’t be for the better. Over to you.

JULY 21ST 2018 ......COMING HERE

Intagr8 Wellbeing Centre
We understand what it’s like to feel isolated and are here to help. Whether you're wanting to access shops or meet friends, the Saturday Bus is here to help.
What’s on offer in Bideford? Visit the Burton Art Gallery. Shop for shoes, clothes and gifts. Eat at the many venues in town. Visit the Pannier Market

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