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FOR RENT: Parish Council Land (on the Parkham Road) known as


OS Number        Acreage

0551                 1.78

Tenders are invited from residents within the Parish of Buckland Brewer for rent of the above pasture land, which is currently vacant. Tenders should reach the Parish Clerk by no later than 30th April 2018 for discussion at the Parish Council meeting of 9th May 2018. Please include in your submission the use you intend to make of the field, how you propose to secure and maintain it, and the annual rental that you are offering.

Sealed tenders can be submitted in writing to the address below, or by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patrick Blosse, Parish Clerk
Catsborough Cottage, Catsborough Cross, Monkleigh, Devon, EX39 5LE
Telephone: 01805 624832, Mobile: 07831 305872

 13 aerial view west barton court


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