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Buckland Brewer Parish Council

From May 09, 2018 19:30 until May 09, 2018 21:30
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Business to be transacted at the meeting:

689. Election of Officers
a. Chair
b. Vice-Chair
690. Apologies for Absence
691. Declarations of Interest
692. Appointments to Personnel Sub-Committee
693. Appointments to Fields and Allotments Sub-Committee
694. Appointments to Parish Plan Steering Group
695. Appointment of Snow Warden
696. Appointment of Parish Council Member to Village Hall Trustees
697. Appointment of Internal Auditor
698. Review of Dates and Venue for Future Meetings
699. Review of Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment
700. Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 11th April 2018
701. Public Participation
702. Clerk’s Report
a. Correspondence
b. Report on new General Data Protection Regulations and the Impact on the Parish Council
c. Establishing A Timetable to Consider New Policy Documents for Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Internal Control, Grant Awarding, Training and Development, Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, Lone Working, Complaints, Grievances, Community Engagement and Media.
d. Clerk’s Training & Development – CiLCA Course
703. Fields and Allotments
a. Works to Community and School Fields, Progress Report (Trevor Mills)
b. School Field Lease Agreement, Progress Report (Clerk)
c. Consider Tenders for Job’s Field and Approve New Tenant
704. Changes to Neighbourhood Policing Services
705. Parish Churchyard Path: Consider Response from PCC
706. Complaint re Maintenance of Back Lane Footpath and DCCs Response
707. IntaGR8 Community Bus Service
708. Grant Request: Buckland Brewer Badminton Club
709. Flashing Speed Signs and Wireless Monitoring System
710. Parish Plan, Progress Report (Steering Group Representatives)
711. Members’ Reports
712. Planning:
a. Feedback from TDC re Southwood Meadow Development
b. Application: 1/0339/2018/FUL, The Old Village Store, Part retrospective application for the erection of a storage building
c. Application: 1/0379/2018/FULM, Land at Southwood Meadow, Construction of 22no. dwellings with access, car parking, landscaping and associated works
d. Consultation: 1/0310/2018/AGR, Silkland Farm, Erection of an agricultural building to house young livestock. To consider only whether changes or further details of siting or design should be required for visual amenity/landscape reasons. (Permitted development)
e. Decision: 1/0166/2018/FUL, Land To The West Of Tower Hill, Variation of Conditions 3 (Layout - Plans Schedule) and 11 (Parking) of application 1/0784/2016/OUT (Affecting a public right of way)
713. Accounts
a. Receipts and Payments
b. Year End Accounts, 2017/18
714. Annual Returns for 2017/18:
a. Approval of the Council’s Annual Statement of Internal Control
b. Approval of Annual Governance Statement
c. Approval of Annual Financial Statement



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