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Submitted by BKM - Seeing this dish by Paul Rankin on BBC Two, many moons ago it looked good and excellent for a slow cook in the Rayburn. We have enjoyed it for many years with various adaptions but sadly the original recipe wasn’t written down and it included some okra ( ladies needles or fingers).

Pheasant Casserole
- as of the Edward Capern- Postman Poet evening November 2017

For 4 servings it goes like this:-

You will need

1 Medium sliced Onion
2/3 sticks sliced Celery
1 sliced Green Pepper
Sweat together in pan and season well with Salt & Pepper

This is what you do:-

4-6 Pheasant Breasts cubed and tossed in season flour (I always use gluten free flour as it doesn’t go lumpy)
Sear in fat or oil to keep in flavour

Put all into a casserole dish with some liquid - chicken or vegetable stock.
Adjust seasoning
Cover and cook for 2-21/2hrs until tender.


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