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Buckland Brewer created a 10-year Parish Plan in 2008. It set out how the Council at the time felt the parish should develop over that period, and what parishioners might like to see unchanged. The plan was intended to help the parish have influence over changes that might be imposed from outside so that it could help to shape its own destiny. In the words of David Lloyd, the Chairman of the Parish Council that approved the plan, "by the life of the village can be sustained and the community which we currently enjoy being part of can be maintained, the Parish Plan will provide a strategy for use in deciding which projects are possible, whether or not they are desirable and if so, how they might be achieved."

The Parish Plan is too big to add as a document on this website but the Parish Clerk will be pleased to send your a copy by email on request. 

The Plan is due for review in 2018. It has been, in part, superceded by the Settlement Plan, Buckland Brewer's contribution to the Torridge and North Devon Local Plan.

The first Public Meeting to talk about the new plan is being held at Buckland Brewer Community Hall at 7:30 on Wednesday 31st January 2018. The Parish Council is very keen to see the deelopment of this document led and delivered by the local community so do please come along to the meeting and share your views.





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